Oil Spill Insurance joins forces with James Hallam to launch specialist oil spill policies

Judy Hadden has joined forces with James Hallam to launch and market the HomeSpill and WorkSpill insurance policies under the new trading name of Oil Spill Insurance Services.

At a time when the world is keenly focussed on environmental issues and protecting our planet’s natural resources, HomeSpill and WorkSpill are perfectly placed to play their small, but important part in making sure that businesses and homeowners alike have the resources and contacts they need to deal promptly with any spills that might occur.

Oil spills from business and domestic properties are one of the major causes of water pollution in the UK and are keenly monitored by the Environment Agency and the water boards.

Designed to promote a risk managed approach for individuals and businesses that have oil and fuel tanks, the HomeSpill and WorkSpill policies provide emergency response and clean up insurance cover in the event of an escape of oil from an insured tank system.

Founder of Oil Spill Insurance, Judy Hadden said: “I am delighted to have joined Seventeen Group to take the Oil Spill initiative forward. I am very much looking forward to being part of such a vibrant and innovative business and working alongside some of the best people in the industry.”

Paul Anscombe, CEO of Seventeen Group said: “We’re pleased to welcome Judy into the Group and look forward to using our network and resources to help bring HomeSpill and WorkSpill to as many homeowners and businesses as possible. These policies represent part of our continuing commitment to developing products and services for a changing world and providing policies for all eventualities.”