Gender Pay Gap Report 2022

Seventeen Group Limited has published its Gender Pay Gap Report for 2022.

In this report, we detail our Gender Pay Gap across Seventeen Group, including James Hallam Limited, Touchstone Underwriting Limited (which are subsidiaries of Seventeen Group Limited). The snapshot date of capturing the Gender Pay Gap reporting figures was the 5 April 2022. At this time, Seventeen Group had 305 employees spread throughout the UK.

Seventeen Group continues to recognise the journey to further women’s progression in the workplace however are committed to developing a reputation for being a fair and evolving employer, seeking to encourage employees to feel valued and engaged in a culture that promotes equality of opportunity, inclusion and mutual respect.

Gender pay gap reporting regulations currently require reporting on the pay gap between men and women, meaning that reporting does not include data on other gender identities. For the purposes of this pay gap report, we have followed the current reporting requirements.

This report includes a foreword from Group CEO Paul Anscombe and provides our gender pay gap information along with summary of actions and initiatives the Group has and will undertake during the reporting period.

Katy Foot, Head of HR

Please click here to download the full report. 

Katy Bruce
Head of HR