Corporate Social Responsibility Policy

This Policy sets out Seventeen Group’s approach in respect of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Our Values

Continuous Improvement – We have a desire to develop and improve our business

Customer Delight – Creating a positive emotional response and trust with our customers resulting from interaction with us.

Developing people – A commitment to improving the professionalism and development of our staff.

Innovation – Solutions based advice and the creation of new products and services required by our clients.

Commitment to Society – One of the benefits of our growth is that we are able to contribute more to our selected charitable causes through charitable giving and fundraising.

Accessibility – All senior management, account executives and account handlers meet and interact with clients, insurers and suppliers on a regular basis. We want to be visible and available for all of the stakeholders in our business.


Seventeen Group are involved with a number of charities. We regularly support them at events both financially and socially to raise awareness of great causes and charitable fund raising. We also encourage our staff to participate in regular fundraising events.

Charities include, Breast Cancer Care, Springboard, Abta Lifeline, Family Holiday Association and the Variety Club (for whom we have donated a sponsored mini bus for Quay School in Dorset )

Breast Cancer Care Family Holiday Association Springboard Variety

Environmental Policy

Seventeen Group recognise that our activities affect the environment and that we have corporate responsibilities in the way that we operate.

Some of our many achievements are;

  • We comply with existing legislation relevant to our activities as a minimum standard
  • We recycle our print cartridges and offer these to recognised charities to gain money to support them by recycling them
  • We reduce wastage by scanning documents to clients and third parties where possible to reduce postage and use of paper
  • We recycle plastic where possible
  • We recycle our confidential most of our waste paper through ‘PHC Datashred’ who have achieved the ISO 14001 environmental standard accreditation
  • Our paper is supplied by a printing company that is recognised by ‘FSC’ and our paper displays this symbol
  • 4 of our locations have new offices which automatically switch off lights when you have not used the area for 5-10 minutes. The other 2 offices, switch off lights manually when not in use
  • Our energy is regularly reviewed with our suppliers and air conditioning/heating is adjusted in offices depending on the weather
  • We encourage our staff to use environmentally-friendly transport as a way of helping reduce carbon emissions and the use of fuels and promoting staff awareness


Seventeen Group has committed to keeping the environment and our social responsibility at the front of our minds in making corporate decisions.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a matter of high importance in each company and is undertaken with due regard to all of the Company’s stakeholders and its role in the community.

Good CSR and Corporate Governance is a fundamental part of the Company’s culture and its business practices.

We are committed to pushing the boundaries on what we can achieve. We also believe we can further improve efficiencies across the Company to help with our environmental & corporate policy.